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Public Speaking

4 Tips to Improve your Presentation Skills

They Say Public Speaking is The World’s Biggest Fear… Well, Maybe so.

But why are we so afraid of Ourselves? …how we look, how we sound….and what other people think?

We’ve worked hard to get this far, we’ve earned the right to Stand and Deliver.

For Starters, remember that Nobody is beating up on us the way that We Beat Up on Ourselves.

There are preparation techniques to help conquer the Jitters and turn these anxieties into a very pleasant and positive “rush.”

We’ll cover these techniques gradually, in the meantime, here are a few thing to remember:

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New Sales Training Techniques (and old ones we sadly, just don’t do)

There are a few things in Sales Training (‘ Sales Awareness’ might be a better name) that are “NEW.” And there are plenty of the Old Things that many of us, sadly, just don’t do. One of them is that we fail to recognize that a Visit – a real and live appointment for a Face-to-Face session with a potential Customer – is the single biggest BUY SIGNAL we could ever hope for.
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Today’s Purchasing People have studied and learned Negotiating
(Sales Professionals should too)

Sales Professionals “swim in an ocean of Rejection” ** and don’t seem to mind it. So there’s no need to shy away from NEGOTIATION, there is nothing to dread. It’s not about conflict, trickery, or sham tactics. It has more to do with collaborating on mutual needs and desires, how to listen and learn what Clients really want from this transaction and this new partnership.
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