Some things you might enjoy learning about Bob…


bob-hands-smilingBob Dowd is a hard-hitting and high-impact Sales and Management Consultant who got his start as a Coach and Trainer in 1988, when he began tutoring ministers and politicians in public speaking.  The minister coaching was for free.


Since that time he has become a Speaker in high demand as his reputation as a Trainer has grown, having trained literally thousands of Executives and Sales Professionals of all persuasions in the fine arts of Personal Communication, Sales Presentations & Selling, Executive Coaching and Professional Development.

Yet, with over 30 years in Manufacturing Management and Sales, Dowd has experienced both sides of many business scenarios – including Buying from China.

Because of this history, audiences immediately know that his lessons and insight on Negotiations, Sales and Market situations, Customer Service Practices, and Sales Management and Motivation are balanced and realistic.

And pretty humorous, too. Mr. Dowd’s classes and workshops are renowned for their high level of audience involvement and energy. Prominent clients include The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland State University, United Way campaigns in 5 states,  IKON Office Systems, United Parcel Service, GTE/Sprint and PNC Bank.

Mr. Dowd has written Speeches and then Coached the Clients for sure-fire Delivery & Results in
Sermons (ministers), Trial Opening & Closing Arguments (lawyers), Political Campaigns,
Fund Raising Campaigns (always tricky “asks”) and Corporate Board Room and ” Town Hall ” Presentations (nervous executives) and even ” Pitch ” Presentations for IPO’s.

Dowd has been Selling all his life. From stereos, cutlery and glassware out of the trunk of his car while in college – think door-to-door and Flea Markets – to quoting + negotiating + and selling large manufacturing contracts to military Prime Contractors AND the U.S. Government, Bob’s learned a lot in the School of Hard Knocks, where the tuition is rather high. Made 4 Sales & Sourcing Trips to China as Sales Engineer.

A native Clevelander, Dowd is a veteran of the United States Navy, and an Eagle Scout. He graduated from St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland, Ohio, and the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.

Mr. Dowd lives in Painesville, Ohio with his wife Helen and their 3 children, Patrick, Erin, and Kerry.

A Friend and Mentor to All, comfortable with every Audience.