Become a better negotiator!


Here’s Why It’s Vital for Sales People

Today’s Purchasing Professionals have a head start… they understand Negotiating.  They have even studied it in school and their companies, whether big or small, have Buying strategies and tactics which they have developed over the years. They want to Win, they want a Deal, and they want to Look Good. And sure, they want their PRICE and a bunch of other valuable goodies too. These are some of the reasons that Sales Managers invite Bob Dowd to speak to their Sales Personnel.

Here are some of the Topics that Mr. Dowd brings to You which will liven up your Sales Meetings and improve every aspect of your Selling and Relationship Building:

  • CONCESSIONS: The Art of Hidden Values… When to Grant them and How to Trade them
  • The CHECKLIST: Sales & Negotiations Start in YOUR Back Room
  • The Value of SMALL TALK vs. The Danger of POWER : Pay Attention.
  • How and Why Selling & Buying & Negotiating are different for Women Buyers and Women in Sales.
  • Explaining LEVERAGE….Using & Applying it QUIETLY
  • Resolving Impasses, Stalemates, & Deadlocks
  • Honor & Ethics : THEIR Reputation Matters too.
  • The Goods & Bads of ” Fall Back / Lowest I’ll Go ” pricing, and when to Walk Away
  • WIN / WIN is still Alive : Here’s How to Slice up the Pie

… and many more secrets, including Classical Tactics, Gambits, and Countermeasures for both Buyers and Sellers which are easy to recognize and important to either USE, or neutralize.