Today’s Purchasing People have studied and learned Negotiating
(Sales Professionals should too)

Sales Professionals “swim in an ocean of Rejection” ** and don’t seem to mind it. So there’s no need to shy away from NEGOTIATION, there is nothing to dread. It’s not about conflict, trickery, or sham tactics. It has more to do with collaborating on mutual needs and desires, how to listen and learn what Clients really want from this transaction and this new partnership.

In other countries and cultures Negotiating is a daily event. Many people around the world literally must Negotiate on their way home from work just to buy what they’ll have for dinner each evening. It’s no wonder that people from such cultures are better, more natural, at Negotiating than we are in America. Americans shop, see a price tag, and then either Buy, Don’t Buy, or keep shopping. Those of us who make our living in Sales have to do more. The most important things we have to learn and understand have been developed, for the most part, in the academic world of the Business Schools in colleges and universities. Stanford, MIT, Harvard, The Wharton School and many others now have entire departments devoted to teaching, discussing and testing effective techniques and strategies of Mediation, Persuasion, Trust Building, and Selling.
So when an author or instructor says ” studies have shown…..,” we are wise to pay attention. The reason is, that nearly all of the testing and experimenting on Negotiating are conducted by scholars in the social sciences, not just Lawyers. And the faculty members of these Business schools are not all from the world of Business or Law either. William Ury, for example is – or started out as – an Anthropologist. Professor Ury is literally one of the founders of the Program on Negotiating within the Harvard Law School. And, he’s the author of two fabulous guide books on Sales and Negotiating:
‘ GETTING TO YES: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In’ and ‘ GETTING PAST NO: Negotiating With Difficult People’
Both books are short and easy to read and understand, both highly recommended for Sales Pros. Similarly, Professor Leigh L. Thompson is a wonderful asset for the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and her degrees are in Communication, Education, and Psychology. But her Curriculum Vitae ( it’s 23 pages long !! ) is loaded with contributions to the fields of Organizational Behavior, Social Psychology, Decision Making, and of course Negotiation. Dr. Thompson also has specialty courses and seminars – and entire Workshops on YouTUBE! – on things like Negotiating for Women.
Learning to Negotiate, as many of our Clients, our Competitors, and our prospective Customers have, is a critical way to further your career, to enjoy better and bigger results than what you’re doing now. It is also valuable in building solid relationships with bigger Customers while improving the bottom line for your company too.
** The expression ” ocean of rejection” is learned from Daniel H. Pink, Author The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You’ll Ever Need

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