Are you afraid of public speaking?

Presentations and Public Speaking

Here are some of the important Presentation Concepts that can be packaged for you In Workshops of One Hour, 4 Hours, All Day, Two Days, or more.

Over-coming the Jitters and other Pre-Speech Gremlins

• Get Coach Dowd’s 5 Minute Jitters Text Book
• The Relaxation Secret of Hollywood Stars, Politicians, and even Sales Pros.
• Enhance Your Influence and “Presence”
• Interact and Connect at all Levels, from Clients to Executives
• Adapt and Adjust your Style, as Needed, for better Connections
• Accumulate a formidable Tool Box of Confidence Building Presentation Techniques

Learn the Secret to Organizing Your Material for Effectiveness

• Tips for Solid Openings…..and Closings
• The Smart application of Notes, Outlines, Hand Outs and Visual Aids
• Make your Points easy to understand, clearly aimed at a desired action.

• There are a few things which are instant audience turn-offs….you’ll learn them.
• Fun insight on the power of Non-Verbal signals….Gestures, Props, and more.
• 2 Techniques that help you Relax Under Pressure and Be Effective.

…techniques which will earn respect and compliments, AND help you Get invited BACK.

As with all Bob Dowd Classes, these Workshops are not Lectures! Each Participant will have the chance to get on their feet and get comfortable “testing” their material using the amazingly simple and supportive coaching methods of Bob Dowd.

Highly interactive, lots of audience input and feed-back ( only the Good Things) facilitated by Mr. Dowd as he coaches the class on key Speaking Performance Tools, Tips, and Techniques. Some Classic, many unique to Bob Dowd.

An Incredible Confidence Builder.

Workshops can be expanded to include…
• Boardroom and Committee Presentations
• Technical Presentations / Product Demos
• Handling the Media: Cameras, Reporters and Interviewers
• Investor Presentation

Private Personalized Coaching and also Video Feed Back Training are available.