Here’s a few ideas to spice up your next Sales Meeting!

Sales Insight, Customer Relations and Solutions

There are so many angles to Finding, Approaching, Closing, and Keeping Customers that Sales Meetings, Training Workshops, and Retreats help us all to “Sharpen the Saw.”

Here is a sampling of Bob Dowd’s Topic Menu – think “ buffet “ – for your next Sales Event.

It’s a Relationship for Life: First Impressions Count

Selling Yourself ….you want them to call you their “______________.”
Selling Your Company
Selling Your Product
The Market, The Competition, Your Advantages.
Selling Your Service……be prepared to prove this.

Sales Fundamentals

Why People Buy, and how we all make buying decisions.

Personality Trait Review……starting with Yours

Do they see the Real You ?   Remember, you’re talking to someone who’s under pressure.

The Rain Maker’s Tip Sheet

3 simple things that Top Sales People do Better, and do More
1 difficult thing that only Highest Top People do……
Choreograph the Sales Call. Yep, you need an Outline.
Getting to the Client Needs. You need one basic habit, and one elusive gift.

Account Analysis

You’ll probably have to Sell to more than one Department.
The History of Closing – It Ain’t Dead Yet.
Getting a Commitment – Hey, It’s a Contract, and they want to see Your commitment, too.
Communication Motivates, so Stay In Touch. Includes a Surprising View on “Team Delivered Service.” Social Networking can be fun, for Current, New, and Future Clients. ….and much, much more.

Mr. Dowd looks forward to working with you, in advance, to evaluate the needs of your Sales personnel and to work with you in designing the best Topic Outline and Workshops Objectives to “fit” your upcoming event. Bob Dowd works for You.