United Way – 24 years of campaign experience.

Almost any trainer can pick up a course text and “ teach “ Public Speaking. But Bob Dowd’s United Way Workshops are different – and better – because of his belief in United Way and his own tested Campaign experiences.

Since 1992, Bob has done…

Group Solicitation / Public Speaking for Loaned Executives and Staff

Fun, Informative, Practical and Motivational, with a history of excellent evaluations in 5 states.

Agency Speakers Bureau / Speaker Workshops

Bob has a simple and popular “formula” for a solid 6 Minute Agency Message. What to say, How to Say It, and How ( and When ) to End with Impact.

Loaned Executive Sales Training

From the basics of Getting Appointments to Handling Objections and Making the Ask.

Campaign Kick-Off Speeches galore…
Hospitals, Law Firms, Steel Mills, Retail – you name it. Some at 11 PM, some At 6 AM, some outside in the rain…

ECM / ICC Workshops on Promotion, Motivation, and New Donors
Loaned Executive Sales Training, from the basics of Getting Appointments to Handling Objections and Making the Ask.

Personal Speaker Coaching for Key Staff – positive, personal feed-back and style Adjustments.

• Painted Fences at Day of Caring, delivered Campaign Packets to Small Businesses,  and visited many, many Agencies – often for pro bono training.
• Motivational “Tune Up” sessions for Staff and Key Volunteers.
• School Kick-Off “Shows” – Primary, Junior, and Senior High
• Keynotes for all sorts of Campaign Volunteer Breakfasts, meetings, etc.
• Served on the Boards or Committees of 3 different Non-Profits / Agencies.

Bob Dowd has the knack, the heart, and the hands-on at ground zero experience to bring energy, humor and honest inspiration to United Way audiences instantly.

He’s informative, entertaining, and yes, motivational. He’s a campaign asset and a true United Way Friend.

The United Way Message and the Mission of Your United Way are better understood when the people in Your Home Town hear it from Bob Dowd.