Agency Rep Speakers

Agency Speakers Bureau Training / Speaker Workshops

Agency Speakers Bureau Training / Speaker Workshops Bob has a simple and popular “formula” for a solid 6 Minute Agency Message. What to say, How to Say It, and How ( and When ) to End with Impact.

Working with the Outline for the 6 Minute Message, Agency Representatives and Their Volunteers will learn:

How to Embrace the Jitters

• The causes of Speaking Fear
• Preparation Techniques of Good Speakers
• Relaxation Methods and Confidence Builders
• 3 Things Agency Reps must remember about THEMSELVES

Effective Delivery for Impact and Holding Attention

• 3 Things that each Audience Wants, Needs, and Expects from You
• THE KEY to Easy and Interesting Presentations about Your Agency
• Don’t Worry, your Style is just fine.
• The Power of Props, Posters, and Business Cards.

Speech Strategy : Organizing YOUR Message

• Working with Notes, Outlines and Hand-Outs
• Strong Openings and Strong Closings
• The Danger Zones : 3 Things that turn audiences off
• How Question and Answer Sessions can benefit You AND The Audience.

This is a fun workshop – NOT a LECTURE – for both new and veteran Agency Speakers.

Successful and Popular Veteran Agency Speakers are invited to demonstrate their standard Agency Presentation so that New Speakers can get the “How To” flavor.

While Coaching through the course contents above, Dowd conducts lively and interactive critique and comment discussions with the Class. ( We only talk about the Good Things ).

New Speakers are invited to present their Agency Message to the Class on a “trial basis” to test themselves, their message, and to learn from the feed-back of their peers.

All along, Mr. Dowd adds teaching points using props, videos, and great examples.