Loaned Executives & Staff

Public Speaking for Loaned Executives and Staff

Public Speaking for Loaned Executives and Staff is fun, informative, practical and motivational, with a history of excellent evaluations in 5 states. Customized for The United Way.

Participants will learn:

How to Embrace the Jitters

• The causes of Speaking Fear
• Preparation Techniques of Good Speakers
• Relaxation Methods and Confidence Builders

Effective Delivery for Impact and Holding Attention

• THE KEY to Easy and Interesting UNITED WAY Presentations
• Don’t Worry, your Style is just fine.
• Tips projecting positive and sincere energy

Speech Strategy : Organizing the UNITED WAY Message

• Working with Notes, Outlines and Hand-Outs
• Strong Openings , Strong Closings, Key UW Facts, and The Logical “Ask”
• The Danger Zones : 3 Things that turn audiences off

Plenty of Coaching Tips on Gestures, Eye Contact, Volume, Humor, Props, and more.

This Workshop is NOT a Lecture ! Lots of class participation, with many participants getting on their feet to get comfortable and “test” Coach Dowd’s techniques on a friendly audience. Volunteer “Test” Presenters are allotted 3 to 5 minutes, using material of their choosing. Mr. Dowd has an interesting technique for helping select their 3-6 minute material.

Facilitated Class Feed-back follows – we only discuss the Good Things – while Dowd Coaches through the teaching points in the outline, above.

Since the best classes feature the most volunteer “test” presenters, this Workshop should be scheduled for a minimum of 3 hours. Can easily last Half Day or Full Day, depending on the number of participants.

This is a refreshing , confidence-building session…high in content, fast paced, and fun.