Sales Training

United Way Sales Training for Loaned Executives

Loaned Executive Sales Training, from the basics of Getting Appointments to Handling Objections and Making the Ask.

The value of this United Way Sales and Customer Service workshop grows out of Bob Dowd’s lifetime of experience as a Salesman and his intense and varied experiences as a United Way Campaigner for some 17 years.

As a manufacturing owner/entrepreneur for 18 years, Mr. Dowd’s “Approach” ideas contain fascinating sales insights. Participant can learn any combination of the Sales and Service chapters listed here:

• They Don’t Have to Buy From Us : Why People Buy What They Buy
• Developing a Customer’s “Needs”, and Listening
• The Telephone Textbook and Appointment Getting
• United Way Friends For Life : First Impressions
• The Classic United Way Structured Sales Call and CEO Meeting Agenda
• Personality Traits and  Related Decision Making Tendencies
• Appropriate Conversation and Presentation Strategies for You
• Traditional United Way Benefits
• Traditional United Way Objections
• Personal Goals and Account Goals

All customized United Way Sales Scenario Training, covering  Conversational Strategy for any Sales Situation, Closing Logic, Role Playing, Call Reluctance/Call Backs, and more.

Business Owners want to learn, and really need to know, a broad mix of essential facts and features of United Way. Dowd teaches how to build these essential ingredients into the sincere Proposal to Give and the Proposal for a Campaign Commitment.

Remember that all of Bob Dowd’s Coaching Services can be combined, condensed or expanded to suit your budget and your Training Agenda.